Home Textiles

For me, quilting has provided one of the most pure forms of creative flow. Color, texture and pattern inform my collage method and I tend to sit in my studio surrounded by fabric sorted into piles with the intent for it  to both drive the design and inspire. Mostly, it feels like play. I do not presume to call myself a traditional quilter, I use mostly applique and free-form sewing, almost no blocking involved. While each quilt is absolutely unique, I will in general create a series of 3-4 quilts per style.


 I work collaboratively and individually, happy to let the client provide guidelines while I make the final design decisions. The goal of these pieces are to provide beautiful design, sustainable sourcing and fully functional and durable textiles.

Quilts and Duvets

States of Dis-Dress

This series is one I'm very excited about. It is a collaboration for a client between myself; fiber artist, and artist Elijah Ring. Right now the images show a collection of inspirational colors, forms and styles. The final result will include: vintage, up-cycled fabrics, hand dyed background in various techniques and an overlay of the line drawings using Lahuro handspun alpaca. I can't wait to see the first in this series! it is possible to pre-order desired sizes, the original client will be using hers as a throw for the couch.

Indigo Leaves

This quilt is made up of jean samples collected from Tommy Bahama when I lived in Seattle, I was lucky to have a friend to collaborate with! The lace and sheer fabric composite leaves are up-cycled drapes and the heart shaped palm leaves are Lahuro's own natural white handspun Alpaca. To finish the piece, a cotton bed sheet/ table cloth found at an antiques market right here in Luxembourg. This is a one of a kind piece! For Sale

Electric Blue

This is a collaboration piece done with a client. The initial guidelines offered for the design were: Geometric and Blues/Greens. The final quilt is comprised of hand dyed silk yarn, sample book fabrics, found textile remnants, upholstery seconds and whole cloth vintage linens found right here in Luxembourg. This piece is Sold.

Patterns in Patterns

Sometimes I find myself holding onto fabric waiting for the right inspiration to come. Years ago I had been given some beautiful heirloom table linens from my aunt, they are from the mid 1900s. There was no way I was going to put them on a table and ruin them. The pattern I finally chose is a version of the 'Circle of Life' mandala and the majority of the pattern is defined by tracery and a 'dappled light' look. Both the front and back piece are comprised of the napkins and tablecloth while the applique is up-cycled lace, a small amount of mens swimsuit fabric (factory sample) and handspun merino and alpaca out of LAHURO's stash. This piece is predictably, not for sale. 


This project was another example of holding onto a great piece of fabric for a long time. The 3 pieces with the Toucan's are so unique in my collection, it's rare to find such large intact images in the sample bin, I wanted to do them justice. The amount of free sewing and seaming  to create a consistent drape and texture was an exciting challenge and I love the final touch of the hand painted tips of the overlying leaves.