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100g 'Baselayer' - Cotton/Merino SW

from 24.00

Sock weight Cotton/ Merino SW

100g/ 320m, 150g/ 440m

Soft, breathable and with a subtle sheen, this yarn is extremely multi-talented. The pima cotton and wool blend makes this yarn especially well suited to summer and winter weight socks, lightweight gloves and summer pullovers.

This season we have 100g skeins and a few remaining ‘Kits’ from the winter season

With 440m combined, the kits will knit up at least 2 pairs of small/medium or 1 large+1 small. These kits are especially created for different colored heel and toe designs.

*Undyed yarn Photo credit: Chester Wool Co.

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Chesterwool merinosw,cotton.jpeg
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