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100g 'Baselayer' Lahuro - Cotton/Wool blend


Sock weight Cotton/ Wool Blend (Not SuperWash)

100g/ 320m, 150g/ 440m

Soft, breathable and with a subtle sheen, this yarn is extremely multi-talented. The pima cotton and wool blend makes this yarn especially well suited to summer and winter weight socks, lightweight gloves and summer pullovers.

This season we have both 100g skeins and 150g sock kits.

With 440m combined, the kits will knit up at least 2 pairs of small/medium or 1 large+1 small. This years kits are especially created for different colored heel and toe designs.

*Undyed yarn Photo credit: Chester Wool Co.

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Chesterwool merinosw,cotton.jpeg
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