Woven Textiles

LAHURO’s Woven scarves are produced mainly on a rigid heddle table loom. The Gallery below gives a 'behind the scenes look at the design and weaving process. 

Rigid Heddle Loom

The rigid heddle is defined by the way the warp threads pass through a fixed, or rigid, heddle frame on the loom. In general there are two sheds, similar to the Navajo style floor loom above, that are capable of creating simple patterns. This is a table loom and in general we utilize it to create shawls/scarves and textiles that can be use for other garments. It allows for a faster weaving time due to size.

We are happy to announce a new line of woven scarves for the Fall of 2019. As we transition to 100% locally sourced and produced yarns you will get to enjoy these new fibers in our woven goods. Below are some of our existing scarves so keep an eye out as the summer progresses.